Our Approach


Institute for Success Awareness and Inspiration is a young training organization in the market in terms of its inception. But not so with respect to the five key differentiators it gets to the table. At InSAI, we believe that these five Key differentiators could well be the five reasons why your organization can partner with InSAI for meeting up your training needs.

Training Sessions of InSAI are:

Energy Filled

We believe in making our sessions energy filled by infusing enthusiasm. This comes from the understanding of Emerson’s statement, “how something is told, is often 9 times more important that what is being told”. Learning blocks often create day monotony and lack of attention. Therefore we believe that the facilitator’s energy can contribute in a great way to the whole process of learning. At InSAI, we ensure that the energy levels of facilitators remain same or become better as training progresses.

Activity Filled

About 60 – 65% of the instructional methodology in all InSAI sessions would be based on Activity. These could come in the form of, Games, Role Plays, team activities, participant led presentations, dialogue, group discussion, films and review. The level of activity, from being a purely physical activity to an intellectual discussion also varies across levels in the organization. Ratings in other organizations till date have shown that participants have immensely enjoyed being part of the sessions.

Experience Filled

The facilitators at InSAI programme come with a combined corporate experience of over 20 years. The chief consultant has a rich corporate HR experience of 16 years. Therefore what is delivered to the participants is exactly what is relevant to them.. “InSAI speaks the language of the participants”. Also the last eighteen months of journey has exposed InSAI to about 27 organizations and more than 2000 employees. Also, the facilitators are certified trainers in Team Orchestration & Leadership and Master Certification in NLP.

Action Learning Oriented

During the training, InSAI weaves in action planning after every couple of sessions to cement the learning and give it a platform of commitment. From commitment should come “doing” In the training, InSAI ensures that Doing is almost ensured, by setting up structures around commitment .The handbooks given out to the participants captures the action planning steps and ways to achieve them.

ROI oriented for the organization.

Further, InSAI would be delighted to partner with the organization in working towards ensuring that the actions spelt out are met and result in behavior modification as desired/planned. For this, InSAI proposes “ Coaching approach”, whereby InSAI would stay committed to the action plans generated in the training room, and participate in follow up review meetings, one –on-one with the participants to check progress, do any mid course corrections as required and see to it that the specific behavioral competence becomes internalised.

At InSAI, the lead thought is that, Transformation is a possibility, which is fostered by a smart approach rather than a beaten track approach. We are eager to partner with your organization to make a difference to us and you.

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